Simple clicking/taping toy done during Berlin mini jam in 8 hours.

I intend to make post-jam version in spare time later, so comments, feedback and ideas are wellcome.

It's designed to play on mobile so try version or web wersion on your device. Let me know how taps can be felt.

also, it's open source, so you can tinker youself around:


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O gawd this is actually really really good-

Very good game concepts. Absolutely loving it :D

wdym good concept? all i found after 5 minute playing is tap and slab stuff

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keep in mind it's done in just 8 hours during game-jam. I will continue to work on it. But right now it's in earlierts stage of development and any feedback is wellcome

Cute graphics. It'll be fun once you add a scoring system and some element of jeopardy (maybe a bee comes along that can sting and injure you)!


Hola! That's actually a brilliant idea! To have a bee. Thanks!

Yep, i do thinking through how to make it a game. Don't like to have a number as a score, but i would be something. Maybe dead mosquitoes will stay till the end of the wave, slap will have cooldown etc. Would like to try make enemies come in waves, like in tower defence, will see. I'll post a devlog on update for sure. Thanks again, peace!

thanks! will update it soon